Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to quality care for residents, serving all residents with dignity, respect, and compassion. We recognize our residents as individuals with their own physical, cultural, religious and spiritual needs. We encourage and support our resident’s independence. Assisting residents to retain the ability to provide self-care is emphasized. In addition to supportive physical care, we feel it is important to assist our residents with their spiritual needs as well. Meeting the cultural needs of our residents is also important. We shall assist our residents with their activities of daily living while encouraging the highest level of independence as possible. We offer a wide variety of fun and stimulating activities which are appropriate for the cognitive and physical abilities of the resident. Active participation in our activity program is encouraged, however, residents may choose the activities they would like to participate in. Appropriate service plans are followed to meet each resident’s unique needs. We welcome and encourage families to visit and participate in their loved ones’ lives as much as possible.

We want our residents to feel comfortable that when they live at Laylor Care Home, they’re home.